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Non – Discrimination Statement: Missouricom works with customers who are hearing, vision or speech-impaired or have mobility or cognitive impairments or other disabilities to ensure their individual telecommunications needs are met.

First, we will identify what special need an individual customer has so that we can help design a telecommunications solution for that person.

Please contact our office for additional information at 1.844.384.MCOM.





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Monthly Drawing


Each month send an email to with your answer to the current month’s question to be entered in a drawing to win $25 towards your next monthly service bill. 


Which fact is FALSE ?

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  2. Lincoln’s coffin has been moved 17 times since his original interment.
  3. Lincoln often stored things like his lunch and beard comb in his tall stove-piped hat atop his head.
  4. As a young man, Lincoln worked as a shopkeeper, surveyor, and postmaster.



















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