Customer Charges

Security Deposit

  1. The Company may require an applicant or established customer to make a deposit to be held by the Company as a guarantee of the payment of charges subject to the following conditions;
  2. The Company may require a deposit or guarantee as a condition of service if the customer or applicant is unable to establish that he or she had a recent service account with the Company for a period of at least twelve (12) months for which all undisputed Basic Local Telecommunications charges were satisfactorily paid.
  3. If the customer or applicant has no previous service account or previous service of less than twelve (12) months service, the Company may require a deposit.
  4. No deposit or guarantee shall be required by the Company because of race, sex, creed, national origin, marital status, age, number of dependents, source of income, condition of physical handicap, or geographical area of residence.
  5. The amount of the deposit will be $50.
  6. A deposit or guarantee may be required as a condition of continued service if undisputed charges in two (2) out of the last twelve (12) billing periods becomes delinquent; if the customer has had service discontinued for nonpayment of an undisputed delinquent charge at any time during the preceding twelve (12) billing periods; or if during the first six (6) months of service, the customer incurs toll or other charges in any one billing period which are equal to at least 400% of the amount of the deposit or guarantee previously required.
  7. Upon discontinuance or termination of service, the deposit shall be credited to the charge stated on the final bill and the balance, if any, shall be returned to the customer within twenty-one (21) days of the rendition of such final bill.
  8. Upon satisfactory payment of all undisputed charges during the last twelve (12) billing periods, the deposit shall be promptly refunded or credited against charges stated on subsequent bills. Payment of a charge is satisfactory if received prior to the date upon which the charge becomes delinquent provided it is not in dispute. The Company may withhold refund of a deposit pending the resolution of a dispute with respect to charges secured by such deposit.
  9. A guarantor shall be released upon satisfactory payment of all undisputed charges during the last twelve (12) billing periods. Payment of a charge is satisfactory if received prior to the date upon which the charge becomes delinquent, provided it is not in dispute.
  10. At the option of the Company, a cash deposit may be refunded or credited to the customer at any time prior to termination of service or the customer’s twelfth billing period.
  11. The fact that a deposit has been made shall in no way relieve the applicant or customer from complying with the Company’s regulations as to advance payments and payment for service, nor constitute a waiver or modification of the regulations pertaining to the discontinuance of service for nonpayment of any delinquent charges without regard to the fact that such customer has made a deposit with the Company to secure payment of such charges or has furnished the Company with a guarantee in writing of such charges.
  12. Record of Previous Accounts: The Company maintains a record of previous accounts by name, address, email, and telephone number.
  13. A service deposit will not be required for customers using lifeline if the qualifying lifeline customer voluntarily elects to have toll blocking where available. If toll blocking is unavailable a service deposit may be charged for lifeline customers.

Credit Card Charges

Subscribers who pay for service by Credit or Debit Card may be subject to the following Credit or Debit Card Payment Fees if the Company requires:

  1. In-Person credit or debit card payment: $3 This fee applies when subscribers make a payment in person at the Company’s local business office.
  2. Automatic/Ongoing credit or debit card authorization: $0 No credit or debit card payment fee applies when subscribers have set up automatic/ongoing credit or debit card authorization with the Company.
  3. Online credit or debit card payment fee: $3 This fee applies when a subscriber makes a credit or debit card payment online through the Company’s website.
  4. Telephone credit or debit card payment fee: $3 This fee applies when a subscriber makes a credit or debit card payment to the Company via a telephone call.
  5. Venmo fee: $0 There is no fee when paying with Venmo.

Requesting Account Records Charge

The company may charge an hourly fee of $75 per hour for procuring customer account information. Customers must be listed on the account and know the CPNI passphrase to access financial or other records. If you question whether your request will result in a charge please contact the Company office.

Late Payment Charge

Customers that are late with their payment will be assessed a $5 late payment charge. The customer shall have 21 days from the rendition of a bill to pay the charges stated.

Reconnection Charge

Customers that had their services turned off due to non payment will be charged a $20 reconnect charge. This charge will be assessed with the current bill balance and will need to be paid along with account balance due. After customer is current on payments, services will be restored.

Returned Check Charge (NSF)

The company will charge the customer a $25 fee when a check is presented in payment for services and then is denied by the bank. This charge also applies to digital checks or other payment methods that result in denied payment from your bank or financial institution.

Initial Service Order Charge

At the start of services, a customer will be charged an initial service order charge of $50. This charge provides for the installation of services to the demarcation point.

Demarcation Point: The point of connection, provided and maintained by the Company, at which the station wiring becomes dedicated to an individual customer’s use. For an individual customer dwelling, this point of connection will generally be the modular jack incorporated into the customer side of the Network Interface Device (NID)/Optical Network Termination (ONT). One drop wire and the network protector will be installed at the expense of the Company but is owned and the responsibility of the customer to maintain. The demarcation point is usually the point at which the Company wiring (NID/ONT) connects with the customer’s wiring (drop).

Although owned by the customer the technician will make sure an existing jack works, at the technician’s discretion, and with permission from the customer, a new jack may be installed if existing jacks don’t work.

There are no separate fees for line connection charges, record change charges, premise visits, or central office work. There are no fees for subsequent service orders that are created in relation to the customers account.

Move of Service Charge

To move your service to another location within the company’s exchange boundaries there is a $40 charge. This charge includes the same features as the initial service order charge.

Labor Charge

The current labor rate for our company is $75 an hour during business hours and $100 an hour after hours and weekends, plus materials. Any requests beyond those that are listed in the initial service order charge are subject to labor rates. Requests for service calls that the customer owned equipment was creating the issue may result in a labor charge. There are no additional rearrangement/repair charges.

Our company reserves the right to make changes to these rates and descriptions as needed.

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